Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That's What You Do With No Sunlight

Yesterday, I received the following comment on the first YouTube video I ever posted
Do you know how lucky you were to catch this on film? This is a natural action a mother will teach her child. It is used for defence from jaguars, cougars and other large south american preditors that may try to kill and make a meal out of the anteaters. This is exelent footage! 5 stars and a favorite for this video.
Misspellings aside, it taught me something about the video that I didn’t know before and has prompted me to post in on my blog again. In short, no, I did not realize how lucky I was to witness this, but I suppose someone with the user name CoasterZooFreak might know.

Two notes: No, that’s not me laughing. I originally put this video up on this on this blog on July 3, 2006, according to this post.

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