Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Countryside Is Overgrown

Two things I saw at Catholic today but did not buy.

mustache cup

This horrifying mug. Because there's nothing I'd like least than a beverage container with weird Bart Simpson eyes and facial hair. The strange date of 1887 is clearly fraudulent and makes me hate it all the more.

mystery sign

This mirrored sign, which made me feel like I was having a stroke until Spencer pointed out that it's Dutch. I Googled the phrase — "Ooit'n normall mens ontmoet? En... beviel't?" — and found exactly one hit: Slightly Off Kilter, a blog kept by a woman who considers it one of her personal mottos. According to her, the phrase translates into English as "Ever met a normal person? So... did you like it?" I, however, prefer to think that it means "Taste metal in mouth... Can't feel right side of body."


  1. i translated this at and it told me that it meant this:

    "Does ever normal man meet? Did and... give birth' t?"

  2. A testament to the almost-quality of automatic translators. Nonetheless, I like yours even better.

    I mean, I think I'm having another stroke.

  3. i can't believe you passed up the moustache cup! you better believe an opportunity like that is not going to come around for a good long while, drew.

  4. oops, mustache. or maybe a mouse with facial hair.