Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tricia on the News

I'm currently watching the last "Lost" of sweeps. This episode, a Hurley-centric affair, is titled "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead." In the first flashback of the opening credits, we see Hurley (Jorge Garcia) shortly after he won the lottery. He's standing outside a chicken restaurant where he used to work, only he's now standing there as the owner. He's also being interviewed by an Asian woman who is quickly becoming frustrated at the fact that Hurley's life as a multimillionaire has been less than peachy. Then, in true Hurley bad mojo fashion, a meteor crashes into the restaurant. Kaboom. Hence the title, I'm guessing.

The character strikes me because she's the third female on-the-scene news reporter I can think of named "Tricia" or some variant thereof who has appeared on a popular television show. First off: Trisha Thoon (Stacey Grenrock-Woods) of "Arrested Development," whom I mentioned in a post just a few days ago. Second: Tricia Takanawa, better known as "Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa," from "Family Guy." Now this Tricia, whom I will refer to as "Short-Lived Tricia."

And, in all this Hurley wonderful, not a sign of Cynthia Watros, as Libby or any other ghost from the past.

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  1. I knew Tricia Tanaka sounded frightfully similar to Tricia Takanawa on Family Guy....I just couldn't immediately place it, and didn't have the attention span to follow that train of thought. Thanks Drew, that was fulfilling.