Sunday, February 11, 2007

Here's to You, Helen Lovejoy

A nice touch in “Little Big Girl,” tonight’s otherwise so-so episode of The Simpsons: Helen Lovejoy’s old hair. In the episode, Bart gets a driver’s license and, shortly thereafter, stars in a partial reenactment of the show’s opening credits. Instead of following the chalkboard gag with his escape from Springfield Elementary on a skateboard, he does so in a car. This little meta-parody also includes the scene form the beginning in which Bart normally zips up the street, past such Springfield personalities as Moe, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Helen Lovejoy. For the recreation in this episode, the animators gave Helen Lovejoy the red hair that she sported early in the series but now no longer does — except of course in this one part of the opening sequence. I wonder if Helen’s hair eventually became darker in an effort to make her more easily distinguishable from Maude Flanders, whom she was often paired with before Maude’s untimely demise.

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