Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Boy and His Wii

Because I’ve owned a NES, a Game Boy, a Super NES, a different kind of Game Boy, a Nintendo 64, a Game Boy Advance, a Gamecube and a Nintendo DS, it like the idea of me getting a Wii was more a matter of when than if. That knock-off I picked up, the Fintendo Pii, did not prove an adequate substitute. Upon close inspection, all that abomination did was produce a small yellow puddle that quickly soaked through its cardboard frame. Thus, I sent away for the real deal. Saturday morning, it arrived.

wii 1

It made me happy.

wii 2

I immediately felt close to it.

wii 3

I read its name over and over, as if it were something that actually sounded like a good thing.

wii on my face

Look! Wii all over my face!

wii in my mouth

Wii in my mouth.

It should be clear from these photos that “Wii and Me” bonded instantly. As I type this, I’m all sore from going too many rounds with Wii Sports boxing as my new alterego, Driiw.


I can’t believe I took the time to write this, when I could have been playing simulated tennis.