Saturday, June 6, 2015

My First Creative Effort of My Thirty-Third Year

I have had a birthday. I have entered my Jesus year. I have been at a loss for time to write about this passage. But today I am posting the first remotely creative thing I have done in this new year of life.

I apologize in advance for it.

That’s it: just a close-enough match of the original book cover font and a few new words to illustrate what was just simmering below the surface on the original cover.

The cover illustration was done by an artist named Nick Backes, whose work I’ve just recently encountered. He is very, very good at drawing the male form, and his dudes embody a certain 80s sensibility that is very clearly of an era that hasn’t dated well yet still worth a look, if well-coifed, Zach Morris-y types do it for you.

Some of it verges on camp…

Yet there’s still something there. To more successful creative endeavors in the next 364 days.

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