Sunday, January 11, 2015

Slowly Learning That Life Is Okay

I've said before that I like weird European 80s music because it sounds a lot like the 80s music that got popular here in the U.S., only it's not “Take on Me” for the one-thousandth time. Today, however, I’m presenting “Take on Me” for the one-thousandth time, but in a form you may have never heard before.

It's the original mix, by which I mean the less successful mix. The song was remade twice before the familiar version finally landed. But this isn't even the oldest, most “red universe” take on “Take on Me.” There’s also this little thing from 1981 called “The Juicy Fruit Song,” by a A-ha prototype Bridges.

And now you truly never need to listen to “Take on Me” again.

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  1. Love your blog. I found it when practicing Georgy Girl to play on the ukulele, and now I am searching for some other possibilities. I thought I would add this - I have pretty much always hated Take On Me as most kids of the 80's do. But this cover version is amazing and I love to listen to it. I can't think of another case where I like a cover version so much better than the original. The words actually seem to be meaningful too - maybe you will enjoy it too: