Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Skunkening

I’ve had my own troubles with skunks, but my friend recently lived through a Deep, Dark Fear that I have about walking a dog in this part of Los Angeles: a skunk ambush. The skunks rule my neighborhood, you see, but they’ve left me alone so far because I don’t get all up in their glands. Dogs, however, wouldn’t be so polite.

Matilda is Katherine’s dog. She’s is, in fact, not always so polite. You may remember her from a unsuccessful interaction with the fake owl in my backyard.

A video posted by Drew (@kidicarus222) on

Now, however, she looks like this.

The following conversation resulted.

A closing thought: Is it not one of God’s cruelest jokes that one of the floofiest of creatures should also be one of the most impossible to love?

… Referring to skunks here, in case that’s not obvious.

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