Saturday, July 19, 2014

They, Conversely, Hate Lucy

From IMDb trivia for the 1951 film The Magic Carpet:
Lucille Ball had often complained to Columbia Pictures head Harry Cohn about the quality of the pictures she had been doing while under contract to the studio. At the time this picture was made, Ball was only obligated to Columbia for one more film, and Cohn had producer Sam Katzman, who turned out most of Columbia's low-budget “B” pictures, concoct this cheap Arabian Nights fantasy as a punishment to Ball for her constantly challenging him to give her better roles.
Yep, it was a spite film. Like a spite house, but instead a film. And in this scene from The Magic Carpet, Lucille Ball’s inexplicably red-haired, green-eyed Arabian princess character seems barely able to hide her boredom.

Bonus trivia: Lucille Ball was pregnant while she played the role specifically written to make her miserable.

Though I can’t imagine why you would, you can watch the entire film on YouTube for $2.99.

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