Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Best Days of My Flerm

One week later, I realize there are some 30 Rock characters I wouldn’t have minded seeing in the final season. In order from plain ol’ beloved to sorely missed:

Josh Girard

Phoebe of the Avian Bones

Avery Jessup

Liz’s terrible agent, Simon

Astronaut Mike Dexter, who appears in more episodes that you might think

Angie Jordan


Diana Jessup

Any of the Jong Il clan as portrayed by Margaret Cho

Dr. Drew Baird

Jenna DeCarlo, a.k.a. the alternate universe Jenna Maroney and the role Rachel Dratch was supposed to play before my favorite show did something awful to her.

But good on the show for giving us one last moment of Kathy Geiss and no harm in skipping over Danny. And one remaining 30 Rock question: With the exception of Dennis, all of Liz’s boyfriends’ names are puns of one sort or another — Floyd DeBarber, Wesley Snipes, Carol Burnett, Criss Chross. But what joke is Jon Hamm’s character supposed to be making with the name Dr. Drew Baird? Is it just supposed to be Dr. Drew?

Finally this, still good, a full week later:

The complete lyrics to the “Rural Juror song are posted over at Vulture, by the way.

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