Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fake Jimmy Fallon and the Existential Implications of the “Fart So Loud” Song

In the 30 Rock universe, there is no Saturday Night Live. TGS is the stand-in for SNL. However, Jimmy Fallon has played himself on 30 Rock, and since Jimmy Fallon only got to host his own talk show because he got famous from being on SNL, the 30 Rock version of Jimmy Fallon, if you want to get technical about it and I obviously do, has to have some alternate backstory where he got famous through a means other than SNL.

Besides, wasn’t Josh the 30 Rock universe stand-in for Jimmy Fallon anyway?

See, and you though this song was just about farting.

You have to wonder, though, since the 30 Rock universe lacks the actor Alec Baldwin — on account of the fact that otherwise that the celebrity paradox rule stating that his character would never be able to get anything done because everyone would be telling him, “Wow, you look exactly like Alec Baldwin!” — does that mean that all the other Baldwins also don’t exist? Does this mean that the 30 Rock-verse never got The Usual Suspects? Is my fanfic inaccurate if I have Toofer making a Keyser Soze joke?

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