Friday, April 6, 2012

The Last in a Rarely Updated Series About the Brentwood Whole Foods

When I move to Los Feliz (and I’m hopefully moving very soon), I’ll miss certain aspects about Brentwood. But foremost among them is the Whole Foods grocery store nearest my apartment, where wonderful mini-dramas play out nearly every time I go. I haven’t written about this store recently, but not for a lack of notable happenings. For example, this is the place where I’ve spotted Dylan McDermott, Geretta Geretta (I’m pretty sure), Sun from Lost (mostly sure) and Jonathan from Buffy (why not?). Tonight, however, I witnessed an exchange that’s worth relating, even though it features no B- or C-list celebrities.

The scene: I’m standing in line at Whole Foods, behind two Fashionable Young Ladies who are leafing through a magazine that I feel comfortable calling as close to a trashy celeb publication as Whole Foods will go. And note that while I have paraphrased, I did my best to reconstruct the exchange.
FYL No. 1: I hate the term baby daddy.

FYL No. 2: Why?

FYL No. 1: It’s just one of those words that if you’re not a teenager, you can’t say it without sounding like an idiot.

FYL No. 2: I say it.

FYL No. 1: You sound like an idiot.

FYL No. 2: Even if it makes you sound stupid to say baby daddy, you have to say it because it’s the easiest way to say, like, “the father of the child who maybe the mother isn’t married to.” 
FYL No. 1: I never say it.

FYL No. 2: So how do you say “the father of the child who maybe the mother isn’t married to”?

FYL No. 1: I just would never refer to those people. Ew.
So yeah, I’ll miss Brentwood.

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