Monday, April 23, 2012

The Waddling Dead

Recall my post from last week, in which a mysterious, awkwardly walking crypto-creature turned out to be a mere duck. Before I knew it was just waterfowl, I said that had I explained the situation to anyone, they’d assume I was hinting at a chupacabra sighting. Well, tonight I saw the ducks. I snapped a photo. It looked like this:

First off, I have additional reason to be worried, because there are two of them. Second: the photo itself is blurry, low-res, and the figures therein barely visible. Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty much on par with the typical photo of Bigfoot. Folks, I think you’re witnessing the birth of an urban legend. Many years after I leave this place, people will still be whispering about phantom ducks.


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