Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dogs That Don’t Like Reggae (They Love It)

Hello. Have you met the Komondor? It’s a Hungarian dog that looks like a mop.

You may remember the Komondor from such pop culture appearances as the cover of Beck’s album Odelay and that’s it. In fact, this Komondor seems to be leaping over a hurdle the exact manner of they Odelay dog. Maybe that’s all they do? Leap over hurdles? So as to maximize dreadlock movement?

Anyway, now that’s you’ve seen one Komondor, have a look at two of them.

You know what’s especially cool about the Komondor when it appears in multiples? If you’re among the people who either want to respect the dog’s rich Hungarian ancestry or who have a tendency toward pedantic displays of technical correctness (the best kind of correctness), then the plural for Komondor is Komondorok and not something as stupid and common as Komondors.

See, now you’ve seen a Komondor and Komondorok all in one day. Oh, and a lot of natural dreadlocks.

By the way, the breed name has no connection with the word commander, no matter how much authority this dog’s hairstyle might command. It means “dog of the Cumans,” who were a Turkic nomadic people who tragically never capitalized on their inherent brand synergy with cumin.

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