Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Actor in a Lasagna-Based Drama

However many people are currently aware of the actor Charles Laughton, that number is relatively small and sure to dwindle as old age take its toll. That’s simple logic: Laughton died in 1962 and his fans aren’t getting younger. Comparatively, more people are aware of the comic strip character Garfield, but I’m wagering that this number is also currently at the highest it will ever be. The march of time will also will also gradually diminish this number, but so too will dangers faced especially often by Garfield fans: obesity, depression, brain rot, accidentally eating poison under the misguided belief that it’s candy. Thus, the sliver of overlap in the Venn diagram of Charles Laughton fans and Garfield fans is a very slight one. But I believe so much in what I’m about to say that I’m posting in anyway, regardless of how small its idea audience might be.

The actor Charles Laughton is, physically speaking, the human manifestation of Garfield the cat. I feel this is undeniable.

Here, now watch the trailer for Laughton’s Witness for the Prosecution, in which he breaks the fourth wall and addresses the camera not as his movie character but as himself, Charles Laughton, Monday-hating and spider-killing Garfieldesque actor.

Struggle to repress in urge to laugh out loud when he promises to give you, the viewer, “a series of climaxes.” Indeed.

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