Wednesday, January 04, 2012

With “It” Being a Particularly Feline Expression of Disgust

First the image…

And then the addendum that I do actually believe that Bravo fury Tabatha Coffey was actually born into this world as a white-haired cat that bore a constant expression of condescension for having to tolerate other living beings' existence. She willed her feline body to grow human parts specifically so she could yell at people and make them quake with fear.

Previous inquiries about who wore a thing in a superior manner:


  1. Ha! I love these posts. Also, I agree with you 100 percent in regards to Tabitha's likely past as a stuck-up feline. Still, I can't help but love her in some strange, masochistic way...

  2. But wouldn't she be a Tabby?

  3. Bryan: I have similar issues. Once I interviewed Patti Stanger and I was really disappointed that she didn't tell at me.

    Kayjay: Considering that she spells her first name like a cartoon tabby might, yes. But this cat has her imperious face.