Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Giant Rabbit of Long Beach

Given that David Lynch’s immediate follow-up to Mulholland Drive was a short film series about man-sized, anthropomorphic rabbits, this is actually as sensible a thing to post now as it would be ever. There is a giant rabbit in Long Beach. I saw him myself, sitting in the front yard of a house on 3rd Street. I took a picture, but I fear the limitations of the iPhone camera don’t really convey just how large this rabbit is.

It’s not a trick of perspective: From toe to ear, he is taller than I am, and I’m just under six feet. He’s on Google Street View, in case you want to examine from a different angle. See?

I can only imagine that whoever lives there placed the statue in the front yard because they felt too few people were driving distractedly in their neighborhood. It’s that much of an eye-catcher, this fucking rabbit.

You know what? Screw it — here’s David Lynch’s Rabbits.

Warning: It gets weirder than you might expect.

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