Saturday, December 10, 2011

Midday to Midnight

It makes me happy that years of geeky pursuits have trained me to notice things most other people wouldn’t. Like music. From a bygone Game Boy game. Getting covered (sampled?) by an indie rock musician that lame people don’t know about.

I present to you: the “Star Maze” music from Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins making an appearance in Owen Pallett’s song “An Arrow in the Side of Final Fantasy.”

After a few abortive attempts, I’m finally appreciating Pallett’s solo stuff. Pallett — who ride that Arcade Fire rocket to greater fame and who released the song when he was still calling his solo side project “Final Fantasy” before he decided it was better to be, you know, Googleable — has never shied away from his video game influences. In fact, his song “Hey Dad” employs the Super Mario Bros. 3 “Coin Heaven” melody at the beginning — and fairly beautifully, I should add. But a lot of people could hum the Coin Heaven music if they were asked. No one really gives a damn about Super Mario Land 2 — it was the the one where Mario could grow rabbit ears, people! — so this is definitely the greater find.

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