Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the Merits of Standardizing the Western Spelling of Ghadafi

As I write this, Gadhafi is trending on Twitter, but his chances at posthumous internet fame are no doubt being hurt by the fact that Westerners have so many ways they can tweet about the now-former dictator and now-former alive person. Consequently, the most-tweeted-about event ever, as it stands now, is still Beyonce’s revelation that Jay-Z had put a baby in her. Which is just great. As if to flaunt the Beyonzygote’s continued domination over major world news events, Wikipedia notes that the we Roman alphabet users have 112 possible ways to spell his name, at least by the count of ABC news. This graphic lays out just some of these possibilities:

But which one is best? I’d have to go with Moammar Khadaffy, just because it has a certain fun, kooky flair to it. I mean, when you’re using a dh and an fi together in the same word, it’s all deserts and yelling. But that daffy in there really lightens the mood, don’t you think? I mean, now that he’s dead, the least we can do is obliterate any notion of authority he tried to create by conflating him with a Looney Tunes character.

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