Friday, October 28, 2011

Galactus, Destroyer of Fashion

I had my geek credibility called into question this week. My job has me writing about celebrity culture, whether I care about it or not. But this particular assignment didn’t bother me: Heidi Klum’s awesome Halloween costumes. Yes, the woman who doles out cutting insults on Project Runway with that unnerving sort of German jolliness. She has a quirky seasonal pastime, and it’s showing up her famous friends every Halloween. Last year, she donned a particularly elaborate costume, which she described as “an alien transformer.” Speaking as someone who prides himself on pop culture knowledge, I can say that that isn’t a thing, this alleged “alien transformer.”

Here’s the costume:

As you can see, she’s rocking stilt legs and not falling on her ass — an admirable feat on Halloween or any other day — but it’s curious the fact that her generically sci-fi costume is paired with that of her husband, Seal, who is obviously the Marvel Comics superhero Silver Surfer. Granted, it’s a loincloth-clad version of this character that’s not flaunting his bulge to the world in the way he did in the second Fantastic Four movie, but even a novice Marvel fan would be able to recognize his costume.

When I wrote about Klum’s 2010 Halloween, I noted this strangeness — the Silver Surfer posing next to some sort of vaguely alien, apparently non-Marvel entity, and looking more like a fiery-colored cousin to the alien diva from The Fifth Element than anything else. I, apparently, was wrong. People with keener eyes for comic references instantly recognized Klum as a female version of Galactus, Destroyer of Worlds. For comparison’s sake, please observe his in-the-book incarnations:

So I’m curious: How obvious is her costume to you, my geekily-minded readers? Granted, the side-by-side association with the Silver Surfer should be a dead give-away, yet it never occurred to me that Klum was an actual character and not some kinda-sorta hodgepodge that Klum arrived at by watching the middle of several famous sci-fi movies. Based on her description of her costume, she might not have realized that she was actually one particular thing instead of an original creation, but I suppose I should have.

What say you? Is it indeed all that obvious?


  1. Not obvious, because she doesn't have the hat. The crazy Kirby hat is the most distinctive part of the Galactus design.

  2. Glad to hear it. Yeah, even a female Galactus costume should have incorporated the headdress. It seems pretty iconic.

    Not that I'm telling Heidi Klum what to wear, exactly.