Thursday, September 8, 2011

Truth, Justice and the American Way Meet Dancing, “Making It Happen” and “Owning This Town”

So there exists, apparently, this Snowflame, a supervillain in the DC universe. The name fits, but not because he has powers over, you know, ice or fire or anything, but because it describes the thing that gives him his powers, the thing he worships as a god: cocaine. Yep, he’s a coke superfiend, and that’s about the extent of his character.

I could explain more, I suppose, but his profile on the DC wiki lays out it pretty well — and the succinct, direct, repetitive way its laid out cannot be trumped my flashy words:

Succinct, yes? Direct, yes? Repetitive, yes? And easily the best part is “Touching Snowflame was sufficient to give The Floronic Man a contact high.”

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