Friday, September 23, 2011

Honey Blonde Justice, NBC-Style

On the left: Kelli Giddish, who as of this week is the new member of Law & Order: SVU. On the right: Maria Bello, the protagonist of the Prime Suspect remake, which as of this week is also airing on NBC. Am I crazy or is there a certain resemblance between these two?

Or am I just seizing onto the fact that for the first moment in TV history, fictional New York crimes are being investigated by large-headed, pretty-but-tough blonde ladies? And why isn’t some show arming Sarah Alexander and making her walk the beat?


  1. ... oh, so they AREN'T the same person..? Could have fooled me but then again... 'all you people' do look so much alike..! (that was a laugh line..!)

  2. No, it's a truth line. Blonde women honestly do look very similar. I spend most of my days around LA running into old friends who turn out to me women I've never met.

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