Monday, February 14, 2011

Let the Lion Dog Be Small

The article “Sun Yat Sen Will Eat Again” focuses largely on its title character — a Pekingese named after a Chinese statement and who survived the sinking of the Titanic when many of that boat’s non-canine passengers perished.

But the article also mentions several other notable, high society Pekingeses. Their names seemed worth mentioning, and so here they are:
  • Broadoak Beetle
  • Gunterstone Pu-Wen
  • Sih Gerza
  • Lo Lo
  • Wingerworth Kou-Kou (pictured above)
  • Chun-Chu
  • Nanking Wen-Ti
  • Mai-Mai
  • Yen-Chu
  • Ko-Tzu
  • Choo-Tai
  • Howbury Ming
Fucking rich ladies, right?

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