Friday, February 4, 2011

A Total Dernface

I swear that this is the last of my posts about my parking lot. But this one merited a mention, I felt. Spotted on the walk to my car last night:

For most people, this would elicit a reaction of “Oh, hey, lady from Jurassic Park,” but for me it brought me to a specific facial expression that I have incorporated into the essence of my being:

I mean, this beautifully bizarre woman has twisted her face into a reasonable approximation of a tragedy mask. It’s unreal, even in a film as unreal as Blue Velvet. I want to frame it. I want to paint it. I want to Photoshop it into a background wallpaper. Actually, the last of these three I actually did:

This, sadly, beats out my Lara Flynn Boyle sighting to become the closest to David Lynch as I’ve gotten yet.

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