Thursday, October 21, 2010

Funny Little Brazilian Frog

If you told me I was going to receive a frog-related email, I would have assumed it would be about the Scrotum Frog. Nope.
I saw a post on your blog, “funny little frog,” and I was wondering if it means something, like an expression. I’m Brazilian, and I am asking this because of a Belle & Sebastian song called “Funny Little Frog.” I'm trying to figure what it means.
Sérgio from Brazil
I love that this blog allows people to send me these kinds of emails, scrotum-related or not. I told my new friend Sérgio that the Bell & Sebastian song mentioned in this post title doesn’t refer to any English idiom that I know if, aside from our cute tendency to refer to gurgly phlegm as “a frog in the throat.” It doesn’t mean anything else, does it?

Frogs, previously:


  1. Could be a relative of "odd duck".

  2. Reading the title of this post immediately brought to my mind Xuxa, that Brazilian singer who had a show on the Family Channel a long time ago. If, for some crazy reason, you want to watch the clip (in which Xuxa actually sings about a "funny little froggy"), do so here: