Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Return of the Oceanic Air Mattress

Hey guys! Remember Cindy form Lost? You know — Cindy Cindy? The flight attendant who gives Jack the extra liquor in the pilot? And crashes in the tail section with Libby and Eko? And gets kidnapped by the Others? And gets brainwashed? And becomes a weird pseudo-mom to the orphaned, kidnapped kids? And then goes all Lady Rambo at the temple? And then we never find out what happens to her in the last episode? Because — um... Hey! Remember Cindy?

Well, the good news, everyone! I found her. She's alive and apparently free of her Australian accent, per this commercial for HughesNet, which I'd never heard of before yesterday.

In all seriousness, I'm happy to learn that Lost's B- and C-listers can find work, but is it weird to anyone else that I still think the actress, Kimberley Joseph, is brainwashed and that the all-too-innocuous-sounding HughesNet is a front for the Hanso Foundation? Clearly, if I give them my personal info, they will kidnap me and make me wear dirty clothes in a jungle… for no apparent reason.

In finding the YouTube clip online, I also learned Joseph in a commercial about a family that's way too enthusiastic about its Bissel-brand carpet cleaner.

Brainwashing. Carpet cleaning. Connection? Clearly, Bissel wants to steal your babies.

The same search also turned up Joseph as a host of an Australian fashion awards show from 1996 (which, by American standards is more like 1989). See Cindy the flight attendant with an unflattering — and clearly evil — up-do.

The take-away: Australian fashion also wants to steal your babies.

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