Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Angry Mouths, One Strange Movie

A nice surprise in my inbox this morning: the heads-up that a blog had posted two particularly flashy posters for Hausu, a movie that I instantly loved before I ever watched it.

The blog itself, Sissy Dude, features a lot of vintage ads and other such graphics that many of you may find appealing — and, now that I think about it, it was an earlier incarnation of the same blog where I found the Anti-Marne — but I should also mention that alongside the kitschy vintage images is also a lot of erotica, most of it the all-dude variety. So maybe don’t open the site up at work and perhaps not from anywhere if you don’t like looking at depictions of sex from both yesteryear and today. It’s, um, quite the mix.

Just for the sake of convincing every person I can to see this strange, wonderful movie, here’s the trailer once more:

Spelled H-A-U-S-U, but pronounced “HAUS,” with traditional boogeyman inflection.

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