Saturday, July 17, 2010

Now That’s How You Do a Galley of Rogues

I recently re-found a long-buried bookmark: Mike Lynch’s blog post on memorable Dick Tracy characters. My god. How could I not have done anything with these people before?

What you see below is an edited sample of the weirdos with whom Chester Gould populated Dick Tracy’s world. I have selected the below “winners” for a variety of reasons, including name pun-tasticality, overall unpleasantness, the “I can’t believe this was in a mainstream comic strip” factor, and the whole thing where for the sake of my professional career I shouldn’t put the reason in print. Enjoy!

My favorite? I’d have to see the sister or some-other-relative pair Fresh and Burpie Upp. The fact that one female relative could be named Fresh and the other Burpie is just too awful. A close second: Vitamin Flintheart, for the sheer strangeness.

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