Friday, January 22, 2010

Kiwifruit Sundae with Kiwibird Topping

Not so big on words lately, so I'll instead offer something else as proof of my trip: photos of things ignored by all the other slack-jawed, camera-toting tourists.


A wine box. It's sound in the geographic sense, but I can only think about it in the aural sense. And laugh. Also: a good name for a perfume for cougars, even if those dusky sounds would be coughing and creaking joints.


Because the term toothpaste didn't sound elegant enough, I guess. I have no idea what this product does or why someone might want to buy it.


This is how signs warn you against letting your dog relieve itself in public areas. If the term dog fouling wasn't entertaining by itself, the squatting dog rendered in the blocky style of restroom gender symbols made it even better.

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