Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Encyclopedia Drew and the Mystery of the Spuming Fountain

Who puts soap in a fountain?


Seriously, what demented soul sees a perfectly nice fountain and dumps a bubble-creating solution into it, thereby ruining the simple beauty that is a fountain? What child is either so unloved by their parents or so loved by bad parents that they think this is a good idea? And does the spot where the water stream is hitting the sud mound not look vaguely disturbing?


  1. To be fair, i'm sure if they wanted to there's a lot more horrible things they could stick in it... ;)

  2. On the way to my faculty there's a big fountain and sometimes it has soap in it. I think it's for cleaning purposes because, being outside, it would get really dirty (like any fountain found in any city) and it's too complicated to clean manually, so they just let the water's flowing do the job. Of course, the soap wears off after a short while.

  3. In The Sims 2, one of the options for interacting with the fountain is pouring soap in it.