Friday, August 7, 2009

Cherries Were Made for Eating

I almost included this as the embedded video in Monday’s round-up of notable links, but I soon realized that this was too awesome to share a post with anything else. It’s 1977 Japanese horror parody Hausu, or “House,” which recently appeared on Buzzfeed but which I learned about from Susannah Breslin’s post on Boing Boing early last month. Quite simply, I can’t remember the last time I learned of a movie so appealing and so perfectly tailored to my personal cinematic tastes.

Here’s the clip that showed up on Boing Boing. It depicts three characters battling a possessed, man-eating lampshade, not to mention an evil painting of cat, the evil cat itself, some strange cartoon manifestation of the cat, a blood-spewing chest of drawers, and a lazy river of blood that floods the room that serves as the scene’s setting.

I’m amazed. As if the premise weren’t enough of a draw, the forays into the supernatural realm are depicted via an aesthetic sense that suggests an Anthropologie display created by a serial killer.

Some more of Hausu, for your perusal:

The trailer, which features cuetsy close-ups of the main cast:

The scene in which a girl is eaten by a piano:

And the in-movie music video for “Cherries Were Made for Eating”:

Seriously, the best thing I have seen in years. Please enjoy. I shall stage a screening at my house in the near future.

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