Thursday, May 14, 2009

We’ll Keep Well-Bred / We’ll Stay Well-Fed

The latest incarnation of what appears to be a Back of the Cereal Box trend, at least based on this post and this post: crazy women and their animals.

And it’s a threefer.

Today, I offer a wealthy woman, name lost in the sands of time, and her retinue, which includes one human man, two jowly dogs, and a monkey dressed in a nightgown who happens to be the only one of the five with the sense to look at the camera.

Also: A terrified-looking Brooke Astor and her angry-looking dachshund, who, despite an expression of focused concern, apparently couldn’t prevent the elder abuse that plagued his owner’s later years

And also also: Birds star Tippi Hedren posing in a pose that I can only hope was re-created years later with Linda Hamilton and a humanoid, cigarette-lighting robot.

A special thanks goes out to Agent Prance Closer.

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