Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The First Robot Capable of Qualifying for a Boat Loan

Good news, everyone!

According to the latest from Blogger Buzz, thisahere Blogspot blog has and for a while has had the ability to offer RSS feeds for specific post labels. In normalspeak, this: If you want, you can plug into your feed reader only the posts that interest you. It’s like the blog version of the ruby slippers having been there the whole time.

Tickled by all things verbal? Then just tell Mr. Internet that you’d only like to subscribe to these posts. Are you a video game nerd? Then receive only my game-related posts. Like axolotls? Then get nothing but my axolotl-centric posts. Hey, I might write about them again someday maybe!

I realize that I use this blog as a forum to write about just anything, but if you actually hate that kind of openness you can instead now just read one thing at the expense of the others. Make Back of the Cereal Box work for you.

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