Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Really Big Sandbox

A few shots from the mostly disappointing set I took at Lotus Land today.

Giant clamshell fountains.

324 025

Remains of lotus flowers that, while not wholly unappealing, were sadly the closet thing to intact lotus flowers I saw in the whole of Lotus Land.

324 028

A duck.

324 030

A pickle patch of cactus that would have been made even more entertaining with the addition of several hundred googly eyes.

324 032

A crazy freaky building-height euphorbias that either looked Escherian or Seussian. I’m not yet sure.

324 036

Italian-style garden, Moorish-style fountain, random bird caught mid-flight.

324 044

Topiary lion with as realistic a mane as any topiary lion could hope to have.

324 054

Yes, mermaids as well. By which I mean mermen. By which I mean male baubo sirens. I swear, they’re following me, which is remarkable for a species that lacks feet.

324 049

And, finally, an immensely amusing tile.

324 039

However, all the strange and exotic plants I saw cannot compete with what I learned from a simple visit to the Wikipedia profile of Lotus Land founder Ganna Walska: Far from the accomplished opera diva that some remember her as, she is believed by many to have been an influence for Citizen Kane, in which the title character’s second wife is a terrible singer.


  1. Gotta love Lotus land... where is it?

    Perhaps they could do something presidential and call it POTUS land.

    There is some acronym trivia for you.


  2. Lotus Land is in Montecito, just near Santa Barbara and not far off Highway 101.