Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Monster Squad (Steampunk Version)


This cheerful-looking lass says hi and that you should check out this kick-ass website, The Fantastic in Art and Fiction. It's a compendium of illustrations from vintage books that Cornell has put together in order to add to online academic resources and spruce up your invitations to next year's Halloween party. It's even arranged into nifty — but nonetheless macabre — categories like Weird Science or Freaks Monsters and Prodigies in order to make sure you get to see the horrifying thing you're looking for all the more quickly.

[ Source: Little Hokum Rag ]


  1. Late to the game, son!
    I SO posted about this already.
    My fave: the Grotesque section.

  2. You've foiled me for the last time, Lafond.

    Also, it figures you'd like the grotesque best, you Waid disciple you.