Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spice and Exclamation

In helping his college friends move out of their house in Isla Vista, Spencer accumulated a wealth of cast-off kitchen supplies, including a jar of the below pictured spice blend.

As you can see, the makers of Oh! So Garlic! felt it necessary to frame the product in the linguistic markers of surprise. I guess that they were intending for the "oh-so-good" kind of expression but had no clue how to punctuate it. Nonetheless, the result of their lameness amuses me.

For your consideration, potential sister products for the Oh! So Garlic! product line:
  • Whee! It's Cinnamon!
  • Mmm-mmm! Allspice!
  • Look Out! It's Fennel!
  • Hummina-Hummina-Ginger!
  • Ooh La La! Coriander!
  • Whadayaknow? Saffron!
  • Mother of God! Thyme!
  • Whoa! That's Some Great Cumin!
  • Eh?! I Believe That's Cardamom!
  • Anise In Your Face!
  • What?! Chickweed Again?!
  • You Bought Paprika?
  • Anything But Celery Salt!
  • Shit, It's Dill...


  1. Other suggested products:

    Hey you! Jerk Seasoning!
    Bay Leaves for Everyone!
    My Word, Here's Some Basil!
    Who the Fuck Has a Jar of Lavender?
    Careful! That's Cilantro!

  2. Why-Oh-Why? Pimento!

  3. Sweet Jesus! It's Mustard Seed!
    Suck My Nutmeg!
    Of-Fucking-Course it's Oregano!

  4. I actually saw Oh! So Garlic! and some of its sister products at the market the other day . . . I am sad to report that the sister products of Oh! So Garlic! are not nearly as exclamatory.