Friday, August 25, 2006

Have You Ever Seen a Quimp?

"Ten Names of Things You Didn't Know Had Names," at least according to the third volume of The Book of Lists.
  • "columella nasi," or the little flap of skin between the nostrils
  • "dragĂ©es," or the hard little candies you use for decorating cakes
  • "fuerrule," or the metal part of the pencil that hold the eraser
  • "keeper," or the band on a belt that holds the end in place after you've buckled it
  • "rowel," the pointed, round thing on the back of a cowboy's spurs
  • "saddle," for the rounded part on a matchbook where you strike the match
And, finally, four different words for the gibberish symbols used in place of swear words. And for God's sake, these were hard dealybobs to find images of.

These symbols, which look like a modified at sign and number sign, are apparently called "jarns."

These, which look like explosive little hatchmarks, apparently are called "nittles."

This sort of pseudo-cursive scrawl is referred to as "grawlix." Good to know. This is what I thought actual handwriting was for my childhood preceding third grade.

And, finally, we have the "quimp." It looks like a crudely drawn man in a sombrero, but I think it's actually supposed to be a planet or something. Like Saturn, with the rings. In any case, I'm fairly certain I've never seen these before in any comic strip I've ever read. But that's what the Book of Lists says, anyway.

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