Monday, July 03, 2017

Here, I Fixed the Woodsman from Twin Peaks

Eight episodes into the new season of Twin Peaks, we’ve seen some scary stuff. However, the single most lingering image, for me, nightmare-wise, appeared back in the second installment. It was our first glimpse of the horrifying, soot-covered woodsmen. The camera pans from Matthew Lillard’s character, grief-stricken as he waits in his jail cell, to another one a few doors down, where there’s this man who is painted black, sitting motionless and contorted. Then he vanishes. Then his head floats away like a balloon. No explanation given.

I made a video in case you need a refresher.

Even though the woodsman has appeared again — and done more horrifying things than just vanish — it’s this one that has stuck with me, and I wanted to take the piss out of it. That’s why I acted on the suggestion that it could be greatly improved by the addition of a slide whistle.

It was, in fact.

That’s why I asked Tony (Tony!) to further improve the sequence with voices.

Here is that.

See? Not scary anymore. I fixed it. I think you will agree. You’re welcome.

Not even scary in the slightest.


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I like Ernie Hudson as much as anybody but I wish this show had another black character who wasn't just *painted* black, you know?

    1. Yeah, this has been a major problem in Lynch's work for a while now, and there's even less of an excuse for it now that the new Twin Peaks isn't solely based in rural Washington. I wish he'd tossed more roles to non-white actors, and it really doesn't help that the one other black person of note in the cast (at least so far) is playing a prostitute whom we first meet when she's completely nude.