Thursday, July 30, 2015

A List of Words That Can Be Rendered Hilarious With One Errant Keystroke

I’m talking beyond public, whose comedic possibilities have already been thoroughly explored.

And yes, for most of these, I learned the hard way, and yes, the first one just yesterday.
  • faces
  • genial
  • trust
  • tuckered
  • named
  • Scotch tape
  • exotic
  • wore
  • ditties
  • wonton
  • hose
  • curt
  • shot
  • shirt
  • snitty
  • shift
  • trump, as a verb or a proper noun
  • discount, which can be tragically but wonderfully turned into discocunt
  • and of course, superheroes, which becomes the obscure but nonetheless evocative word superherpes when you type just one letter incorrectly

On a related note, the adjectival form of the word pus must be avoided in written form at all costs. Also, true story: Once I typed Josie and the Pussycars in a headline. It wasn’t more obscene, strictly speaking, just more surreal in a way that made me wish pussycars were a thing.

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