Monday, September 1, 2014

Everyone Who’s Ever Moved in With the Simpsons

And on the final day of the #EverySimpsonsEver marathon, I finally wrote something about The Simpsons.

The Simpsons have to be one of the most generous families in TV history. They’ve opened their doors to so many people — friends, enemies, strangers, celebrities, various animals — that it became a meta-joke on the show back in the show’s eighth season, when Roy shows up, unannounced and unexplained and mostly unidentified, living with the family. Sure, it’s a Poochie joke, but it’s also a riff on the fact that even so early into the show’s run, the “someone comes to stay with the Simpsons” plot had been done and re-done. Double meta.

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I didn’t watch all of the FXX Simpsons marathon. (Who could have? Who but the richest and poorest and most obsessive among us could have?) But I did have the TV for twelve days straight, and passing through the room I saw a lot of the “someone comes to stay with the Simpsons” episodes, and I started to wonder how many times the show had done this.

Here, then, is every instance I could find of the Simpsons having someone to live with them. In a lot of cases, it forms the episode’s main plot, but I also included the episodes where it’s incidental to the plot.
I’m sure I missed some. What say you, internet? What omissions can you point out? What clarifications can you request? What kind of idiot am I for having confused some point about the episode you hold most dear and it’s basically the best episode of the show and why don’t I know anything?

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