Monday, March 17, 2014

The Winter That Wasn't

I've given up on winter, our single rainstorm notwithstanding. I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon in a tank top, and even then that was just to endure the heat indoors. But if I can't experience winter in a meteorological sense, then I'll take in a symphonic sense. Please, take three minutes to listen to Georgy Sviridov's 1975 composition "Snowstorm." This is the final part, "Winter Road."

Granted, you're reading words written by a guy who lives in L.A. and rolled up his sleeves for the walk to lunch today and hasn't seen actual snow falling in maybe a decade, but ol' Sviridov has actually captured something here that gives the feeling of a snowstorm — starting light, building to fierce and then fading away. It's beautiful.

And yes, of course, it reminds me of a video game. I don't know which one. Perhaps you do.

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