Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How I Prefer to Remember King City

Now, this will mean little to anyone who hasn’t had to pull off the northbound 101 after San Ardo and roll through the supersized truck stop known as King City. But had you done so on a late spring day and had you been hurrying to beat some rain whose clouds were glowing furiously red over the sunset, you might have noticed how, for the first time ever, King City looked better than its typical lonely, windblown and for the first time looked beautiful.

Then imagine my surprise when I saw my memory of King City realized in pixels.

It’s not a dead-on reproduction, of course, and I know that any Dorothea Lange-esque dot on the map could look the same, meteorological circumstances permitting. But if you knew King City, but if anyone else had been in the car that day, you’d get it.

(Image via King of Fighters 96, via here.)

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