Monday, May 9, 2011

On Deciphering a Dream as Sexual the Moment You Explain It to Someone Else

Okay, so all of a sudden I’m in this indoor pool-looking place, but it has slick tile walls and I can’t climb out. I can’t even see far enough up to tell if the walls actually end. And the pool isn’t filled with water. No, it’s full of, like, milk or something. So I’m nervous and treading water or treading milk or whatever and then I realize that there’s something moving beneath me. In the milk, there are these little squirmy things moving around my legs, and I can’t really seem them but I know that there’s lots of them moving around all over and — oh, fuck. Um, okay, I just now realized they were totally sperms. Well, that’s it. No more dream talk. Forget I said anything. End of story.

(based on actual events)

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