Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Weirdness of the Lambs

I cannot turn down a chance to look at something alleged to be weird. So when I see a headline “Those Catherine trailers aren’t getting any less bizarre” in Google Reader, I click through, knowing full well the article will tell me about some video game I won’t ever play. Anyway, yeah, I watch the trailer, which is weird even for me but is also from Japan, where people fly robots to work and, like, marry houseplants in lavish ceremonies. Our weird, to the Japanese, is normal and their weird, frequently, is brain-melting. Click through and watch for yourself, if you must. (In may not be safe for work, unless you work in Japan, in which case you probably watched it on the hologram screens on the subway on the way to work.) But you only need to know that what I saw was weird enough that I looked up the Wikipedia page for this game Catherine to see why I just watched these things. And I found a passage that I honestly didn’t think I’d read today or ever:
It is stated, from [gaming magazine] Famitsu, that Vincent will not be alone in his nightmares and that he’ll be encountering a large number of lambs. In a dream sequence, the lambs, as well as Vincent, are being chased by a giant pair of hands, one of them holding a blood-covered fork.
This is under the section “Gameplay.”

So yeah, I wouldn’t have thought to do that.

And in case you might think that I just happened across the page after it got vandalized, there was also this:

Story checks out. Inasmuch as it could, I mean.

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