Sunday, September 5, 2010

The New Season

I can’t decide which makes the better life-as-TV metaphor: that The Drew Show has ceased to air and instead has been spun off into a more focused series (minus most of the supporting cast of the past few seasons) or that shifting among the network higher-ups has resulted in a massive retooling of The Drew Show, whose lousy ratings prompted its reinvention as something wholly different than it ever was before. Either way, the programming will continue but not as it has in the past. (The recent hiatus should not be interpreted as a cancellation, please note.) The setting of the show has shifted to something more familiar to the masses. Look for more flashbulbs and city lights in the background. Await the reintroduction of minor players from seasons past. And, finally, expect some indication of where this show will go in the years to come.

Heavy-handed, wasn’t it? Damn, I knew I was beating it to death.

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