Friday, July 24, 2009

Or Would You Rather Be a Pig?

On the show Out of This World — the one about the girl who was half-alien and whose superpowers included freezing time by touching her index fingers together and making children who watched Out of This World attempt to freeze time by touching their index fingers together — the father alien who spoke to the daughter though that weird translucent diamond — or perhaps was the weird translucent diamond — was voiced by Burt Reynolds. Was I the only one who didn’t know that?

The post on Yesterday’s Faces Today that informed me of this also conjectures that another actor on the show, Doug McClure, was one-half the inspiration for the Simpsons character Troy McClure, along with fellow C-lister Troy Donahue.

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  1. Everyone knows you can't freeze time by putting your fingertips together! You have to make a time-out signal, like Zack Morris does!

  2. I say Evie had the better power, as she could unfreeze people at will. But I've always been curious to know what the radius of her time-freezing was. Just Monterey County? The whole planet? Her home planet as well?