Friday, January 11, 2008

Angled Angel

A little late on this one, but I figured I should post it, if only as a service to the former Santa Barbara residents for whom my blog is the only source of news from this area. (Hi there, friends living in hipper, bigger, and presumably colder places!) Gemina the Giraffe — better known as the giraffe with a crooked neck — died on Thursday at 21 years old. Unlike other instances in which Death has come for local 21-year-olds, alcohol was not involved.

Let's look upon her ungainly form once more, and remember that sometimes God can only fix His mistakes by killing them.

Now she's in heaven, making little angel children ask "What's wrong with it? Is it hurt?"


  1. Oh man, I was just there last weekend with my brother, specifically to seek her out.

  2. Well that would explain it. Meg, I think you have some apologizing to do.

  3. aw!! that's so sad. :( that's a great picture btw.

  4. Noooo!!!!! I will miss you, crooked-necked giraffe.