Wednesday, November 28, 2007

She Forgot "Tired"

Way late now, but nonetheless worth a post. Meg H. of Meg H. — The Blog! fame and her little friend, whose name is also Meg, came for a visit to the Indy a few weeks back, and though the office was finishing up the behemoth Best Of issue and therefore beaten-down as all get-out, I did what I could to give them a tour. In all honesty, I failed as a guide. I was pretty frazzled myself and was running all over the place more than usual. However, as a thank-you note-plus-homework assignment, Big Meg had Little Meg write up her own newspaper describing what she learned in the tour. I finally brought it home and scanned it. It's really only viewable in full-size form and it's entirely worth the effort it will take to click this hyperlink. For those that need further incentive, here's a selection.

Pay special attention to the part I highlighted. For what it's worth, she nailed it — both in her description of me and of the office itself.

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  1. My favorite part:
    "When I entered the kitchen it smelled really weird. It smelled like meat sandwiches and coffee because there were meat sandwiches and coffee."
    Such a well-crafted description. I felt like I was in that kitchen and that it smelled weird... like meat sandwiches and coffee... because there were meat sandwiches and coffee.