Monday, July 30, 2007

The Return of Jumpman

He shall jump again. And die again. And probably swing a hammer again.

There's an awesome article up on about one of the better Mario-related fan projects I've come across — a homebrewed sequel titled Donkey Kong 2: The Return of Jumpman. Jeff Kulczycki of ROMHACK has apparently gone through the considerable effort of creating a full-on sequel to the original arcade Donkey Kong, complete with four new levels. From what little is glimpsed in the screenshots, the game plays more or less like the original game, just with more bells and whistles. The best part: The revamped ROM goes on sale on August 20 at

Some screens of the new levels:

the foundry

the mixer (note the "pies" from the original game)

the crane

and the incinerator

In short: too cool.

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