Saturday, July 1, 2006

Drew's Accidental Managerie

So a short while back, this white girl Kat — Kat! — drops an image comment on one of my MySpace photos. She complimented the image of me with the frog on my arm, then noted that she enjoyed my animal series in particular. I had no idea what she meant by animal series, so I looked at what I have up on MySpace. To my surprise, I’ve inadvertently made my last six photos animal related. Total accident.

Starting at the back and moving forward, we have Cowboy Drew, the most tangential of animal associations, I know, but still.

Then we have “Prance Closer,” my elk throwing up cubes painting.

Then Kristen and I in front of a bear skin rug at Cold Springs Tavern.

Then me riding the big ram statue outside the National Geographic building in D.C.

Me jumping with a stuffed gorilla at Kami’s house. You know, like you do.

Me and KangaDrew

And finally the lovely tree frog photo that got Kat’s attention in the first place.

So I guess it should come as no surprise that my newest photo, which I uploaded yesterday, also prominently features an animal. May I present Drewraffe?

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